"We are all just walking each other home."
- Ram Dass

Each soul is a magnificent thread weaved in the form of stories. It is these narratives that make us different. Here is what makes us a fluorescent entity. Let us break away from the shackles of judgment and express with utmost vulnerability.

How did we start?

The inception of Anubhavshala is nothing less than a fable. Over the years working for different clients both national and international, made us realize a strong need for syncing personal values to the organizational vision. Ever since I started my work in 2005, I was baffled to see the blinkered approach, tying individuals to a linear way method. With no mind space to explore the field of innate wisdom, the human potential was being underutilized and its catastrophic effects were seen in daily productivity. There were hardly any spaces that would foster and nourish the circular approach, which involves learning through interconnections and intuition. This made me pause. I was prompted by the idea of reclamation and personal growth. And here we are, transforming spaces, mindsets, emotions, actions.  

Our Relevance

Back when we started, there was an initial skepticism of whether or not we would be accepted or even heard. But as we trod, we received validations and saw an overwhelming response. We were a little bemused but enthralled by the authentic expression each individual shared. It made us feel acknowledged. Each work is a story, not a product that is offered. As long as we are working with humans, no intelligence can compensate for the element of chaos, touch, and vulnerability. Even artificial intelligence cannot completely overplay it. Our programs are handcrafted, curated with personal flavor (based on the need, and requisition of the client we work with), making the entire process or rather journey blissful and fresh. The stories will never die or become redundant. What will change is the context. And that has been a key to us. 

The Motivation

Anubhavshala is not about turnovers. We strive for turning points that keep our partners, participants, and co-creators alive and excited. These turning points are the values we have been able to contribute to each member we have worked for over a span of 17 years. There were innumerable instances where we were downplayed or ridiculed, leaving us at the crossroad of dilemma, but a few miracles here and there have made sure that we keep walking. This is making the journey memorable, continuous, and adventurous. 

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