“Find what electrifies and enlivens your heart.”
- Joseph Campbell

We are guided by the kind of questions we let ourselves delve into, which drives us to create the experience.

What do we do?

We are into learning and development. We create spaces that are inclusive and playful. There are three ways we get involved in.

Group Facilitation

It is an engagement wherein we tap the wisdom and intelligence of the group and transform it into a creative action process. Often, we need to address a situation in the context of the larger group. What it does to us is that it gives a fresh perspective and lets us see the blind spots missed in isolation.

One on One Intervention

There are times when the situation is overwhelming, and it cannot be shared or dealt with in the presence of a group. It is then we suggest handholding and personal assistance for clarity and movement. Building a safe space for natural unfolding is our utmost priority, and this method is designed for it.


Individuals and collectives go through constant change daily. Many of them are subtle enough to be noticed. The curation process is created specifically for people and organizations who want transition but are also looking at outbound and unique ways in which they could achieve the same.

At anubhavshala, we believe in designing learning experiences that are essential for living and working. We host workshops, retreats, and provide hand-holding assistance in different capacities. 

How do we do Things?

We design spaces and build relations using performing arts, rites of passage, cooperative games, and reflective techniques and processes. The aspect of collective wisdom inspires the method used in our intervention. Each step in the process, from needs analysis to execution, is rooted deep within the framework of co-creation and co-holding.

Our Offerings

Deepankar Raina

I, Deepankar Raina, am an OB consultant and a Leadership coach, thriving and flourishing in the domain for 9 years. My consolidated field experience is of 16 years and it still continues. A post-graduate in Advertising, the world of stories and theater have fascinated my being, thereby making it a work practice. I did independent research in the use of performing arts in human behavior at IIT Kharagpur and post that converted my penchant into enterprise-wide solutions for People Development and Employee Engagement.

Personal Shades
This workshop was a gift. The workshop frees us to explore and experience our hidden abilities in a safe and non-judging environment. The actual experience was incredibly empowering our ability to translate the benefit of pushing ourselves outside our typical boundaries. It was an enlightening and exciting experience. In the end, its name “You lead” describes the complete story. Thanks, Deepankar and Chetan for this great opportunity of exploring myself.
Rohita Khanna
Thapar University
I am writing this mail because, after such a very long time, I've got a chance to see/ meet a great orator/ motivational speaker. I've just come back to my desk and first thing, I am doing is writing this appreciation mail. I really admire your public speaking skills. The way you conducted our training on 'Ethical Behaviour and Fraud management (sorry I dont remember name)' was really commendable.
Content Writer,
Morpho Smartchip
Deepankar introduced Anubhavshala to Triotech as a new experience to the Triotech team". The whole programme was so tied-up , that team came out so energetic and more open to accept change. We look forward to have more intense interaction with Anubhavshala in the coming time . Our team will surely get benefited.
Rajesh Kaul
CEO, Triotech
"You lead" these two words will always be a part of my life. It taught me to open up with the world, the people around me whom I hardly say "hey" and most importantly with myself. Before this workshop, I never thought about myself so deeply. I learned how everything around you is so beautiful and connected to you.
Jyoti Rani
Thapar University
No lows, no bad or negative feelings for me. I have enjoyed each session of yours. You have given the wings to me to fly. While meditating I saw so much that was lost over the years but now it’s back. It has definitely helped me in becoming a better human being.
Payal Agarwal
Manager, Fusion
Anubhavshala was a life-changing experience. Exploring ourselves and accepting our own flaws was something I learned from this workshop. It really helped me in developing new horizons for myself.
Thapar University
It has been a great experience with Happy Station. These three months were beautifully executed and I can see things now from a different perspective which is fantastic.
Harsh Yadav
Sr Associate, Fusion
Training of soft skills was excellent, knowledgeable, and non-stressful. It was participative and friendly with loads of activities that made it engaging.
Karan Kalia
Sales Officer, Toyota
It was just awesome! For me, it was magic and I really loved the attitude Deepankar carried to make people happy.
Aayushi Kothari
Sr Associate, Fusion
Very Unique kind of training and I am looking forward to the next level.
Anil Kumar Singh
Sales Officer, Toyota

Our Happy Clients!

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— Designing Experiences, Creating Culture —

Welcome to the realm of journeys…


- Designing Experiences,
Creating Culture -

Welcome to the realm of journeys…