"That beautiful connection when he answers the question you are about to ask"!!
- Nashra Nazim

Humans weave connections throughout and remembered are the ones who were accessible. We would love to be reached and be a support system for you. There are many a times questions that we seek answers to. We have tried framing some for your ease.


As individuals, we all want to flourish. Flourishing is directly proportional to our growth- intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and fiscal as well. These programs help us in anchoring it, giving us a specific blueprint and tools to navigate from. We want to change but sometimes the idea seems magnanimous and complex. The offerings are lenses that give us improved visibility and ease out our path.

We work with diverse stakeholders. Whether you are a middle school student or a college-going young adult, an early start-up, entrepreneur, employee of a company, a homemaker, or a working professional, middle-aged, or a senior citizen, our programs touch all. There is no barrier. If it resonates with your heart we are happy to walk and work with you.

Each program caters to different needs and age groups. If you are willing to go the extra mile, we will strive with you irrespective of any age, gender, culture, or ethnicity. 

Yes! each module is crafted and tweaked based on individual needs and requirements.

Everything around is conversing, even the silence. Conversations are not just limited to words. Understanding its syntax, grammar is a necessity for survival. Conversations mend hearts. They act as a bridge. When we are reaching out to other people, it gives us a passage. We see it as an art. It can heal souls, break away barriers, resolve conflicts, melt rigidity, and foster ideas and innovations. 

Facilitator to us is a Sutradhar in the Indian context. One who creates spaces for different mindsets to prosper assists in navigating difficult paths, and connects the dots for harvest and reflection. Globally, in every set up the need for facilitators is growing. Someone who can simplify, engage and encourage people to tap into the wisdom within and outside. 

The whole holding is a concept in facilitation where we let people figure out ways on their own and yet be present as a guardian. It is like sitting on the fringe, observing the chaos, and jumping only when needed. This understanding comes with practice and plays an essential part in facilitators’ lexicon. 

High-quality relation (HQR) is an index that helps us monitor the longevity of our relations with respect to people we live and work with. It gives us a picture of whether we flourish or languish in our relations. 

Each program of Anubhavshala is designed with a contextual framework giving our participants a birds-eye view of daily living. The learnings are inspired by daily scenarios giving us a microscopic insight into the behavior and its resultant action. 

Failures are sidelined and looked down upon. But for us, we believe in the ‘pedagogy of mistakes’. That is what sets the tone for our growth. Celebrating failures is a joyful honor to the learnings that are rooted deep in our actions. 

They are the basis of our immune system. Imagine working on one body part and negating the rest. For holistic living, it is essential to work on all the aspects that are part of our system. 

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