"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."
- Rumi

Between right and wrong is a space filled with possibilities, a place where each one is honored and acknowledged for the wisdom and gift they bring in. Let us create it and meet.

What is Anubhavshala?

A design consultancy built to curate human experiences and create meaningful narratives in the field of unlearning and learning. We are a bunch of expeditors and story listeners, sprouted from the need of having brave spaces for authentic expression and action. A creative boutique offering experiences to a variety of stakeholders such as corporates, educational institutes, social organizations, health care professionals, and individuals. We provide integrated possibilities related to self-management and harmony through workshops and retreats, curate turnkey projects in the field of learning and exploration through festivals and gatherings, assist hands-on support through scaffolding coaching and mentoring, and cater customized needs through crafted module design interventions.

Our Vision

Like many, we started with a DREAM! A dream of capturing stories and weaving them further into creative action. We envisage to create a new working world which has its reference from the traditional wisdom. A space where experiences of different kinds and generations come together, work, and create models of change for themselves and others. Imagine a space where you see children, young adults, adults, and seniors all doing their bit and simultaneously exchanging wisdom and learning. The intent is to shift the working mechanism- from a clinical cubicle approach to an open humanistic model. A place that runs on a co-living and co-working framework.

Our Objective

Over the years, there have been many objectives that run our system. Some are still nascent yet emerging as significant contributors. A few key objectives that are pivotal in keeping us alive are:

  • Creating joyful, intimate, and non-judgemental spaces for work
  • Re-designing mechanical organizational spaces such as meeting rooms and conference sit-outs into a humanistic engagement zone
  • Conducting different festivals of change among young adults
  • Designing and facilitating course content for teachers, social activists, and young adults in the field of service leadership, life scape, lovely hood, sutradhari, and spirituality
  • Generating working kit for intuitive learning, creative action, and powerful conversations
  • Research, documentation, and gleaning of wisdom from tribal and village communities around mental wellbeing, conversational practice, and cultural tradition
  • Pedagogical intervention based on contextual living among different Indian traditions
  • Recording, writing, and producing stories on vibrant experiences of life
  • Blogging and Vlogging traditional games and storytelling forms and practices
Personal Milestone

Project Khushi Lab Documentary

We have walked a zillion times, with each step filled with fervor and hope. As we continue to ride on this blissful journey, we want you to take a peek into the snippets of our work highlighted in these videos.

May you resonate and keep sharing our dream.

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